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Manchoos 70S is specially designed for salt water & topwater light game. It has a unique and advanced action on the surface, especially when you slow jerk it or slow retrieve it, the lure will give you a real live bait response. You can target on surface orange spotted trivially species. On the shore and shallow water, you can target bream & other rock fish species. To achieve the highest performance we highly recommend matching this lure with a light casting rod not exceeding 25G as max lure weight.

manchoos-chart 2.png

Weight: 8G

Type : Sinking Pencil Center Balance Construction/Extreme Super Cast. Hooks : 2X Strong #10

Best Use : Trevally top water game

Color Chart

MS70S 000.png

MS70S - 000

Silver Spoted Sardine

MS70S 001.png

MS70S - 001

White Tiger

MS70S 002.png

MS70S - 002

Rainbow Blue

MS70S 006.png

MS110S - 006

Rainbow Pink

MS70S 007.png

MS70S - 007

Silver Red Tail

MS70S 009.png

MS70S - 009

Rainbow Transperancy

MS70S 010.png

MS70S - 010

Red Chrome

MS70S 011.png

MS70S - 011

Real Sardine


MS70S 012.png

MS70S - 012

Brown Sardine

MS70S 013.png

MS70S - 013

Spoted Trevally

MS70S 015.png

MS70S - 015

Silver Red Head

MS70S 017.png

MS70S - 017

Silver Glow

MS70S 020.png

MS70S - 020


MS70S 021.png

MS70S - 021

Pink Sardine

MS70S 022.png

MS70S - 022

Pearl Red Head


MS70S 023.png

MS70S - 023

Golden Trevally

MS70S 025.png

MS70S - 025

Lemon Shell


MS70S 026.png

MS70S - 026

Blue Red Sardine


MS70S 028.png

MS70S - 028

Black Sardine


MS70S 029.png

MS70S - 029

Rainbow Red


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