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Salem Al Mehairbi

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Salem Al Mehairbi, the founder and chief designer of YASI, was born in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Salem grew in a large family from a tribe known as seafarers.

Salem’s father was one of the most known fishermen in all GCC region which made him the most suitable person to become the private captain of H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan “Former President of the United Arab Emirates” (may God have mercy upon him) for many years.

His hunger for the sea since childhood led him to gain as much information from his father as possible, learn all of the fishing art, develop his skills at a young age, and became one of the most known commercial fishermen in the region.

Salem’s passion for fishing encouraged him to keep developing his skills and led him to travel to many countries to share knowledge and discover advanced fishing techniques. And after several trips to Japan and many hours in the sea with famous Japanese anglers, Salem decided to combine his experience in the sea world, and his understanding of fish behavior with the new methods learned in order to establish YASI, the first fishing tackle brand in Middle-East region.

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