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Since the United Arab Emirates is surrounded by the ocean especially Abu Dhabi area is considered a semi-island, Fishing is a deeply embedded tradition in the UAE culture and is considered the main source of living for almost 80 % of Emirati population, The Emirati ancestors depended on fishing for survival. and succeeded in conquering the sea using the old traditional fishing methods.

Sports fishing and modern fishing techniques had recently entered UAE market and people started to shift from the old to the new methods with a lack of supply the YASI idea came out.

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From an experienced commercial traditional fishing family, since childhood, Mr. Salem Al Mehairbi had dreamed to develop fishing in GCC to leave his mark in the fishing world where his grandparents led it in the region for decades.

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The story started as a local tackle shop distributor partnered with the most well-known international sport fishing brands, and in 2014 Salem started to research to find out the best-in-class tackles to challenge the fish in its environment. The international market was flooded with too many brands and designs of fishing tackle. Yet, there was still a gap in the market for products that match the GCC region's sea condition requirements.

In 2017 we’ve taken a decision 2017 to be the first in the region fishing tackle brand that designs and manufactures products that can compete with the most prestigious international brands to ensure the highest level of effectiveness and reliability in the GCC region. Being resilient and patient is the key as we know that this process would take time, just like our grandparents. This inspired us to name our company YASI, the name of the original tribe of Abu Dhabi – the capital of UAE, to capture our spirit and to represent the highest standard of quality we consistently achieve. In 2018, YASI was launched.

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We choose integrity, reliability, sustainability, and quality to be our values as it represents us and the country we are from, for this reason, have aspired to be a visionary and revolutionary brand & aimed to be among the leaders in this industry and to always look for ways to improve and develop the fishing experience in our region.

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Today, we pride ourselves on our achievement in such little time and our R&D in-house unit where we start from a small idea to reach THE PERFECT product before mass production, A product that is tested and reflects the image and the spirit of our company, and we always strive reflects our passion and commitment in every step along the way  
We believed we could create a profound impact on the fishing tackle market & reserve a seat for YASI among the best fishing brands worldwide.

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