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Lure Creation Process

After many trials and prototypes, our lures were created from our experience and knowledge to mimic the natural bait action, shape, and color, to ensure that our products are effective and reliable.

With fishing in mind, we are always eager to create and satisfy the market needs, and we are looking for new ideas and concepts, from there we take our CAD software followed by simulating the hydrodynamic of the lure using the hydrodynamic modeling software.


Once the design passes the theoretical modeling test, we start printing the concept using high-resolution 3D printers to test the live functionality of the design.
keeping in mind the angler's needs we hand over the prototype to our testers to ensure that our idea is functional and effective.

Once approved we start the CNC cutting of ABS sheets which is the same materials as the master product to conduct more aggressive field testing where it might take weeks or months to fine-tune the prototype to achieve our desired goal.

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