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Putting our heart and soul into this sport, we wanted to create a rod that is unique and specially designed for professional anglers focusing on the martial weight, softness, and rebound to give the anglers the performance they are looking for.
Yasi R&D team studied engineering for several years and partnered with the best manufacturers to combine their rich experience in fishing with the latest engineering knowledge and technologies to help understand the secrets of this sport and develop our products to stand out worldwide.

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We designed and built our rods to match and compete with the best international brands due to the advanced technologies and best materials used. 
Once the prototype is manufactured, we examine the blank’s structure and carbon fiber cloths then put it to a series of tests starting with a brutal load test to check breakpoint and bent curve then we chose and assemble the accessories and components, once the desired result is achieved, we take the master prototype and start the aggressive field testing with our protesters for a final reconfirmation before we start the mass production.

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