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How to Get a Fishing License in Dubai

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Fancy a nice big catch? Deep-sea fishing is one of the most intriguing adventures the UAE waters offer. Boasting over 500 marine species, Gulf waters are rich with marine life, including blacktip sharks, groupers, sailfish, parrotfish, and many more.

Dubai is considered one of the biggest sailfish destinations globally, playing host to mariners and sea fishing enthusiasts in the Middle East. This is more so because fishing had been a part of the local culture historically.

Fishing is a unique art that requires mastering. Techniques for a great catch, often used by fishermen in the UAE, are angling (using a hook), netting and trapping. However, it would help if you went deep-sea fishing for the ultimate catch — a straightforward adventure that lures tourists from all corners of the globe to the Middle East.

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