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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Thoughts about modern fishing way.

When we say fishing many people believe imagine old man sitting on shore with huge rods, cutting smelly bait like sardine or squid in order to get some decent catch. Other option is old, small boat with several bobbins of hand line, or metal cages used to catch bottom feeders. All this is true but many people nowadays enjoy fishing as hobby or as a sport. So what is the difference?

Recreational or sport fisherman is first of all going for thrill, adventure or challenge. We are both happy if there is a catch or not, the idea is to enjoy your time alone or with buddies and satisfying crave for primal hunter instinct. It could be boat trip offshore or exploring various shore fishing locations, all is a way to connect with nature and search for unknown or new experience.

Second difference is that most of the fishing done with modern equipment, which are somehow challenging and esthetic at the same time. Modern fishing rods are very light and powerful and using new advanced technologies year by year. Fishing reels are pieces of art and engineering in one, where big companies challenge each other with implementing new ideas and improvements. Fishing bait is replaced by artificial lures, metal jigs or silicon soft baits that doesn’t leave smell on your hands and cloth and yet very effective for various species. Fishing lines are thin like hair and yet more powerful than old monofilament lines. It is hard to imagine good looking fishermen that smells with perfume, but that’s an image of modern recreational sport fisherman.

Third difference is that recreational sport fishing is the most sustainable as true fisherman will not keep fish more than enough for a table. We go fishing not for fish, but for adventure, challenge and exploration. Most of the catches are released back into wild and have ability to reproduce.

Forth and most exciting is your full control of your bait, and you are the one who will be in charge to mimic real fish or shrimp. You will feel every movement of the lure or jig in your hand, and will try to create action that will attract predator or non predator fish to attack your bait. This moment of perfect action that provokes strikes creates highest satisfaction and keeps you active through whole fishing session.

Nowadays, many of the new generation is getting interested in this hobby, and we can see improvement on the shores of UAE and GCC. Many of the anglers are very responsible and enjoy fishing from shores and boat. They practice catch and release, keep their fishing spots clean and follow fishing regulations. If you are interested more on becoming one they will always help you with suggestion and tips. You can fish in the most of the Emirates in UAE, but you will require to apply for fishing license in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah. All of them are done through municipalities of each emirate and you can contact them directly through their websites. They will provide you with license and a map of allowed areas for fishing and regulations on quantity and size of fish you are allowed to catch.

We hope to see this activity to grow and advise other recreational sport anglers to take part in educating people who wants to try this amazing hobby. Keep fishing and tight lines everyone!


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