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YS600 - SJ 60g

Overhead Model

SLOW PITCH Jigging Series


The Al-Yasat slow jigging series is a rod, specially designed for Slow Jigging to match the region way of fishing style. It is particularly effective for slow pitch and long fall jerk. They are rods based on simplicity, but they have the unique ability to enable metal jigs move sideways with extremely short strokes, due to their highly elastic blank, either with fast, or slow retrieve.

The blank has been designed to achieve high levels of elasticity, sensitivity but also strength, hence no predator is an easy match for them.


  • Effective for every kind of fish

  • Effective for fishing in various areas; from bay area to open sea

  • Cover up to approx. 45 m depth with maximum 60 g jig


Target.     Groupers・Trevally , Bottom Fish

Field        Overhead vertical light jigging

Lure.       Jig 20 - 60 g, Slow Jigs, Jig Heads, Vibration Cranks.

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